Tori Pike & Tate Chamberlain

Tori and Tate’s love story:

Tori and Tate met from riding the same bus and became good friends. The two stayed friends for years to come.

Tate had a huge crush on Tori that the whole town knew about. Finally, in their Junior year of high school Tate asked Tori to the prom and to his surprise she said yes!…but as friends. After the wonderful evening, Tate and Tori shared their first kiss.

A few days later Tate (with chocolate and flowers) asked Tori to be his girlfriend. Tori said yes and they have shared their love for each other every day since then.

The two went through high school, college and finding jobs together. Now they are excited to start their lives as husband and wife and share the wedding day with their dear friends and family!

Who knew that yellow bus was where their love story would start.

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