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Satisfying your cravings!

Old Fashioned Candy - three images

Step back in time strolling through our aisles of nostalgic candy. Let our staff fill a bag with a little or a lot of your old tyme favorites!

Brands we carry:
Bit’O Honey, Bullseyes,

Candy Bars; 5th Avenue, Big Hunk, Bun, O’Henry, Good News, GooGoo Clusters, Look, Mallow Bars, Nut Goodies, Sky Bars, U-No, Zagnut and Rocky Road

Candy Cigars & Cigarettes, Candy Dots, Candy Sticks, Charleston Chew, Chick-O-Sticks, Cherry Mash,
Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Covered; Almonds, Cinnamon Bears, Espresso Beans, Gummy Bears, Honey Comb, Pecans, Peanuts, Raisins and Red Velvet Cherries
Horehound Drops

Giant Jaw Breakers, Hotlix, Idaho Spuds, Ice Cubes, Huckleberry Gems, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Jordan Almonds, Lego Blocks, Lemon Drops

Licorice: Pipes, Ropes & Strings, Good-N-Plenty, Black Licorice, All Sorts

Maple Candy, Mega Smartie Lollies, Merry Jane’s, Mint Julips, Old Faithful, Razzles,  Rock Candy Sticks & Strings, Rootbeer Barrels, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies, Turkish Taffy, Walnettos, Wax Bottles, Wax Lips & Mustache, Whirly Pops Lollipops, Zotz,

Old Fashioned Soda

Crave has the best selection of vintage soda brands in Casper that will help you reconnect with your favorite beverages from back in the day. From nostalgic to nutty, we are certain to have something that will make you smile!

Brands we carry:
Ale 8
Avery’s Totally Gross
Big Red
Bubble Up
Cock N Bull
Coke Mexican
Fire House
Green River
Jackson Hole
Lester’s Fixin
Soux City Sassaprilla
Tommy Knocker

Black and Green Tea image

Enjoy a cup of steeped tea while you relax and stroll through our stores. The Merry Peddler has carried its tradition of quality product lines when they selected the teas and accessories we offer in Crave. The best selection of tea kettles to boil or pots to steep we have it all under one roof for the tea lover.

Tea lines we carry:
Adagio Tea
Republic of Tea
Steven Smith Tea Maker

Ice Tea Pitchers
Tea Kettles
Tea Presses
Travel Tea Mugs

Bulk Coffee and Accessories image

Crave brews and offers retail sales of Gourmet Coffees by Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters. Enjoy a cup while you shop or purchase in bulk or bags this premium coffee from our favorite Northwest roaster.

We offer an extensive line of coffee makers and accessories to brew them to perfection.

Brands we carry:
Clay N Motion
Hunter Bay
Le Creuset

Coffee roasters we carry:
Hunter Bay Roasters
Dark Canyon Roasters

Coffee Makers
French Presses
Travel Presses

Cigars and Accessories Image

Cigar Afficando’s top 25 cigars under one roof!! A top selection of the best cigars in one humidor! A one stop shop for the cigar lover in your family!

Cigars manufacturers we carry:
Arturo Fuente
Brick House
El Baton
Diamond Crown

We carry:
Ash Trays
Humidors & Supplies

Candy Buffet Services Image

CRAVE can provide candy buffet services for your upcoming event. No matter what kind of party event you’re having CRAVE Candy Buffets are all the rage! Candy buffets add style and decoration to every special event or party, and best of all, it’s fun and unique! No matter what the occasion all of your guests’ eyes will light up when they see a delicious wedding, prom, birthday event, or party candy buffet awaiting them, making this a can’t miss opportunity to do something extra fun and unique during your special occasion. Let Crave’s staff design and set up your next candy buffet!